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Before i was diagnosed with breast cancer, i was sure it was going to happen to me, due to a long family history with the disease. I did not let this fact bring me down. I accepted it and fought it as hard as i could. In january 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When the sickness strikes, there are many stories to live, some are painful, some are great memories you keep with you forever but most of them are full of love that you give and receive.

I can confirm that this sickness brought me much more than I ever expected. I discovered that I was truly loved and I received a lot of support from the people I cherish the most: my family and my doctor who gave me the strength and the will to live and fight. I am the living proof that everything is possible. Despite this cancer, my life is beautiful.

My name is Mirna H. and I am a breast cancer survivor.

Rania Alameddine

I, Rania Alameddine, loving wife and mother of two, am a breast cancer fighter and survivor. My story begins when I was misdiagnosed in June 2008. Due to the doctor’s misdiagnosis, my cancer was left untreated for over seven months, spreading throughout my breast and lymph nodes and as a result, I faced a mastectomy in April 2009 during which my left breast was removed from my body.

I endured four months of chemotherapy, followed by another six weeks of radiation treatments. It has now been four years since my victory over the disease, and I have remained cancer-free. Because of my difficult experience, I have become a supporter, advocate and fighter for women who cannot afford breast cancer treatment, and I work tirelessly to praise awareness about the importance of early and accurate diagnosis.

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